And now we wait.

Recently, I submitted a few dozen single-panel cartoons for publication.  Almost every one had to go through a revision process, where I increased the size of the type and reformat to a square.  My target is the Sunday comics and/or some general-interest magazines.  This is a big deal to me, as I haven’t ever done a mass submission before.  The upshot of this is I have sort of channeled my thinking into revising cartoons.  And because my thinking is temporarly side-tracked to this, I’m going to show a few “toons” and be done with this time’s posting.

1st agtOne of my first efforts (First Artistic Rejection) is a scene that all writers, photographers, artist and cartoonists go through to get a pay check.  I formed a mental picture of what it was like a few hundred years ago.  Especially when I read that the Tiki Idols on Easter Island were designed to discourage or scare away strangers.

Bein' a BitchA former neighbor of ours had a tiny female dog, who had small dog syndrome.  Thats where the dog would stand between her owner’s feet and bark, growl, say nasty things in Canine.  She was like that, as long as she was protected.  When she wasn’t she’d disappear.  My neighbor would say to her, “I understand… you’re just bein’  a bitch.”

Which inspired the panel with three dogs.

My wife once complained about “Having a bad hair day.”  Which I immediately replaced her hair with Jack Rabbits, known as hares.  And one of my favorite old movies is “Bad Day at Black Rock.”

That became an obvious melding in my mind.  So “Bad Hare Day at Black Rock.” was envisioned and created. I’ve recently begun all-new artwork for this one.Bad Hare Day

Finally, (for this post,) a few years back, I took some rather dreamy high-key portraits of a horse ranch owner with one of her prized Paso Fino stallions, a gaited horse. Gaited means they can prance on command.  This guy was a many-ribbioned national champion… rather like me… (Note tongue implanted firmly in my cheek)Beauty-in-White

The image was accepted rather well in a national photo contest, but I thought it needed something for interests sake.  The added punch line came to me in a flash…

So that’s it for this time.

 Jul 7, 14.  Well, the wait is over.  Good news is that the editors didn’t take more than four weeks to get back to me.  Bad news is the response was a form reject letter.  However, after I went over the submission again, I found several errors in the material submitted.  My fault for not blowing up the screen and doint an intensive re-read.  (My macular degeneration gets in the way of a clear read at normal font size)