This has been buzzing around in my noggin for a while

Our national debt is out of hand.  the numbers of dollars are so vast, they don’t mean anything to the average Joe Sitzpak.  17.5 trillion bucks.  To paraphrase the late Sen. Everett Dirkson, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talkin’ about some real money!”.
A million, a billion, a trillion. And not just one trillion, seventeen and a half of `em! Next number is quadrillion.  There probably isn’t that many atoms on and in the earth. … Wait a sec. I just read on the web that there are about one quadrillion ants on earth. And you know they can’t lie on the web…

But what if dollars were miles?  How far would we get with some well known common distances/amounts?  If we begin here in Las Vegas the average monthly Social Security Check would take us to Kansas.  A year’s SS income would get us half-way around the world. You get the idea.  Someplace on the web, Microsoft’s Bill Gates income is set at around 157 million bucks.  I don’t know if that’s take-home or gross.  Really don’t care.  But he can make a trip to the sun and back. (He’ll have to go at night though, to keep from getting burned.)  To get from the highest point on land to the deepest seabed under water would only take $12.32.  Not even a good living wage…

Now let’s talk space. We add to the national nebt at the rate of a million bucks every minute and twenty-one seconds. 1.33 minutes, about.  So in an hour, we’ve added 45 million plus.  If we use that as the speed we can travel, we’re cookin’ along at 45.11 million miles an hour.  About 6.5% of the speed of light. So we can get to the sun in about two hours   Hell , we can get to the moon in 19 seconds!
Jupiter is a seven hour and forty minute trip. Saturn is sixteen hours away.
Alpha Centuri, our closest star neighbor, is 63.8 years away. That’s 4.3 light years.  The good news is that we’ve already traveled, 17.6 trillion miles, so we’re about three quarters of the way there.  At this rate, we should be there in another 16.9 years.

So what can we do about the debt?  I  haven’t got a clue. But since this is my blog, I don’t have to.